There’s a lot of information in this short article.  Hopefully, you’ll find what you’re looking for.  Stay safe and VOTE Tuesday!

Friday, I realized that I hadn’t requested an absentee ballot for voting in Tuesday’s election.  Ugh!  And I didn’t want to have to wait to have to deal with voting in person Tuesday – if it could be avoided.  So, I looked around for information and found a helpful Facebook post from the Center for Active living (helpful info. from the post is at the bottom of this article).

Here’s what I posted on Facebook Friday (5-15-20) mid-day:

I just got off the phone with the Town Clerk. If you’d like to Vote in the special election Tues. without having to go in person, here’s what I’m doing. Email to the town clerk a photo of your signed, written request for a mail-in ballot…be sure to include your name and address so they can put it in the mail.

If you email it by 2:00 today (Fri.) it will go out to your address in today’s mail.

I’m thinking you’ll get your mail-in ballot in Monday’s mail…then – to make sure Town Hall has it by 8 p.m. Tuesday, you can drop it off at the Town Hall silver drop box. The box is by the Town Hall main entrance (uphill entrance, across from new parking garage).

To be counted, your ballot must be received Tuesday.  NOTE: Your vote won’t be counted if it is POSTMARKED by Tuesday…it must be RECEIVED by 8 p.m. Tuesday.

So, at about 1 p.m. on Friday, I wrote out my note with my name, address, and signed it.  I took a photo with my phone and emailed it to

I went to my mailbox Saturday (5-16-20 THE NEXT DAY!), and the ballot had arrived (photo below).  So, I’m thinking you might even be able to get an absentee/mail-in ballot if you request one Monday morning (instructions above).  Then, if you DON’T get it in Tuesdays’ mail, you’ll be able to show up at the polls in person and vote.  If you DO get your ballot in Tuesday’s mail,  you’ll have to fill it out and bring it to the silver drop box at Town Hall by 8 p.m. Tues.  (Information on that above). You cannot bring absentee ballots/mail-in ballots to the voting polls (they’ll be busy enough!).

Of course, if you already got an absentee/mail-in ballot that you haven’t yet mailed in, DON’T MAIL IT – It MAY not get to Town Hall by 8 p.m. Tuesday.  Instead, use the drop box at Town Hall (information above.)

Here’s what the Plymouth Center for Active Living posted on Facebook on May 11 (I’m only showing the bottom 2 paragraphs because the top 2 are no longer relevant):

If you vote in person on Tuesday May 19 Remember to bring your own pen, mask, and observe physical distancing, consider gloves and/or hand sanitizer. All 15 precincts open 7am – 8pm.

YOU ARE ENCOURAGED TO VOTE BY MAIL FOR BEST SAFETY PRACTICES! If you have any questions at all about the process you may contact Laurence Pizer, Plymouth Town Clerk at 508-322-3302


I really hope this information is helpful to people.  I run the website Things to Do In Plymouth MA, and, on our calendar is the most important event in Plymouth Tuesday 5/19 – electing a new State Senator!

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