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Hawk Visuals
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  • Hawk Visuals
  • Hawk Visuals
  • Hawk Visuals
  • Hawk Visuals
Business Name:
Hawk Visuals
(508) 317-9276
6 Main Street Extension
Suite 608
Plymouth, Massachusetts

Overall Outline:
Hawk Visuals is a creative media solutions company specializing in visual storytelling through drone and conventional practices. We deliver engaging and unique video and photography content to our clients while

delivering a strategic method to its output methods. Strategic B2B or B2C video services with social media management/ads, paid search, and website development. Along with our creative storytelling services, we offer analytical data to show overall performances of campaigns and offer best practice consulting.

Drone content:
By pairing high quality, inspiring photographs and videos, we rely heavily on the use of drones to tell our stories. It allows us to get a unique perspective on areas that conventional camera equipment does not allow.

Conventional camera content:
Along with our drone content, we strive to create the best content on the ground as well. We use the newest, high quality camera equipment to tell our stories. We have the capabilities to do personal interviews by providing proper lighting, audio and visual tools.

Our Team:
We have a small team of talented and motivated film makers who each specialize in certain areas, but all coalesce into one unified product. We like to work as a run and gun style of shooting so we are not bogged down by excessive camera gear. This allows us to be free and open to effectively and creatively capture our content.

We work with a range of clients that include: real estate, architecture, healthcare, car dealerships, tourism and small to medium sized companies. It is vital that we work closely with our clients to yield the most favorable result.

Hawk Visuals is a published company with magazine features in Plymouth Magazine (cover of 2018), Plymouth County Vacation Planner (cover of 2018), South Shore Living Magazine, and Cape Cod Life Magazine. We have also been featured on 95.9 WATD.


Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm


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