The Plymouth Show celebrated “a milestone in local programming” and so was featured on the front page of Plymouth’s hometown newspaper – the Old Colony Memorial – on Weds. July 31, 2019.  What was the milestone?  The show was celebrating my interview of our 100 guest!

Reporter Dave Kindy wrote a lively accounting of the momentous filming day, as well as the story of how the Show came to be.  The Plymouth Show is sponsored by: Things to Do In Plymouth MA, home of Plymouth’s best events calendar and other Things to Do for residents and visitors; The Plymouth Regional Chamber of Commerce, a business organization of roughly 750 members across the lower South Shore.  Additional support is provided by Quinnovative Marketing and Karma Hair Salon, who styles my hair on every episode where my hair looks good!

As the article reported, producing the program is a volunteer effort that includes assistance from Charmaine Von Zitzewitz, Caroline Quinn and Birgitta Kuehn.  The show runs 5 times a week on PACTV, and interviews are then migrated to a the ‘Meet Locals’ page at Things to Do In Plymouth MA.

Learn more about the show – and nominate a guest to appear on the show, by visiting

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