I’m dazzled.  And humbled.

When I stop and think about how this town has transformed in the last 20 years, and how it will transform for the 2020 celebration and beyond, it takes my breath away.

Twenty plus years ago my (now ex) husband and I moved to Plymouth from Boston, in large part searching for a more stable community.  By that we meant a place where our friends didn’t flee when they had kids, in search of a better school systems and a backyard.  We did want a bigger backyard, but we also didn’t want to live in a sleepy suburb – we liked the culture and arts of Boston.

We moved to Plymouth a couple of months before the Commuter train service started.  Our younger son – used to full-day pre-K classes, LOVED the half-day kindergarten 🙂   We promptly resumed raising a young family and running our businesses.  Ends up, we almost never took advantage of the events. restaurants and cultural scene we thought was so critical!

Fast-forward 20 or so years, and the kids are now living in Brooklyn New York and Washington DC.  I’m now a divorced empty nester who started rediscovering the town about 8 years ago.  From the lens of someone who likes to learn things and do things – and doesn’t like to waste time driving – I’ve realized that Plymouth is hard to beat.

I guess you could say that Plymouth is to me what New York City was to Carrie in Sex in The City.

This week I had the good fortune of spending time at 3 organizations you could say are the canaries in Plymouth’s coal mine…when they are optimistic and busy, it portends well for all of us who live here.  The organizations are Plymouth400, the Plymouth Public Library and the Plymouth Area Chamber of Commerce.    The leaders, employees and volunteers at these organizations are in full steam ahead mode, and the energy is palpable.

From the state forest to the craft breweries, from the restaurant scene to live performances, and so much more, Plymouth offers a cornucopia of things to do, people to meet and places to visit.  I’m dazzled and humbled by this place.  And I’ll bet Carrie would be, too.

Marilee Driscoll is the founder and owner of Things To Do In Plymouth MA, home of Plymouth’s best events calendar.  She is also the producer and host of The Plymouth Show which airs on PACTV.  Find the calendar on Plymouth123.com and the show at ThePlymouthShow.com

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