There are many advantages to being able to post your own events at this web site:

  • When you are the event poster, you can modify your event, or even cancel it!
  • Beyond our 5 main categories, authorized event posters have the ability to get their events in front of more people by indicating subcategories, such as ‘rainproof’ ‘kid-friendly’ ‘date night’ and more!  These help you find the most motivated event searchers – they are looking for events offering exactly what yours offers!
  • Events posted by an authorized event poster receive a special visually-appealing border, designed to highlight them.
  • Events posted by an authorized event poster are much more likely to be chosen for our once-a-week ‘editors’ pick’ – and be sent out via nationwide press release, and covered in this blog!
  • Best of all, it’s free to be an authorized event  poster!  We never charge to post events!

Click on the red button at this link to learn how to become an authorized event poster!


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