Once you get over the fact that Plymouth MA’s Thanksgiving Parade does not take place on Thanksgiving (group hug!), you will have the correct state of mind to appreciate this fabulous celebration of Thanksgiving.  I know it might seem painful to recognize that New York City has the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade – held on Thanksgiving – but Plymouth MA’s Thanksgiving parade is always held the Saturday before Thanksgiving.

In the silver lining department that means cooks in Plymouth can enjoy the parade, AND cook on Thanksgiving.  And, besides, we won the world series, so take THAT, New York!

Plymouth MA’s Thanksgiving Parade is also better than New Year’s Eve.  ONE – you don’t have to stay up until midnight.  Reason number TWO is – upon short reflection – a subset of ONE.  Because the parade steps off at 11 a.m., truly everyone in the family – all ages – can partake in the event.  Oh, and if someone’s sick or unable to attend, they can watch the festivities on PAC-TV, our local cable access channel.

Moving on to the Fourth of July.  July is so fabulous in Plymouth MA, that, frankly, I describe it as paradise on earth.  Who needs a parade when you’re in paradise?  Seems redundant to me.

Granted, it is a very very very nice parade.  However, this past July, it was so hot that some costumed characters could not participate for fear of heat stroke.  I assure you that’s never a consideration in November.  Nor is sunburn.

And, ‘ya know, the reason that Plymouth MA’s Thanksgiving Parade is better than New Year’s Eve, the Fourth of July and even sliced bread is because it’s held when the weather is getting really cold, and most people are going to be crazy for 6 weeks of holiday season, and we’re mourning the loss of summer and sunlight, and we know we’re facing winter.

So, I think a parade is just – perfect.

See you at Dirty Water Distillery.  They’ve been known to hand out hot toddies!

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