Hi there… My 31-year-old son Rob Driscoll was diagnosed March 20 with Covid-19, and has spent most of the last 3 weeks being kept alive by a ventilator at Medstar WA Medical Center in Washington DC.  Rob’s a graduate not only of George Washington University, but of Federal Furnace Elementary, PCIS and Plymouth North.

I’m normally a private person who doesn’t share a lot on social media. For decades, I’ve preferred to communicate through my businesses. I have a feeling I’m going to be changing that.

I’m writing this partially to explain why you haven’t heard from me on this site since my last post.  And I’m writing to also introduce myself to you in a more personal way.

I drove down to DC a little over 3 weeks ago when I found out Rob was in the ICU, on a ventilator.  I picked up his brother Dexter in NYC on the way down (I know, I know)! My ex-husband also made the trip.  Only 3 weeks ago, you could say we were one small, unhappy family! Spending time with my younger son, and even with my ex have been two of the silver linings in this cloud.

April 5 Rob was strong enough to be taken off the ventilator. On the 9th he left the ICU.  The day after Easter he went to rehab, and spent two days in rehab getting a lot of PT before being released late yesterday!  

We are told he is the first Covid-19 patient to be taken off a ventilator at that 900-bed hospital. 

You can see in the video below the entire medical unit lined up in the halls and cheered for him as they wheeled him over to rehab.

He was on the ventilator for 13 days, and some very heavy duty drugs (including experimental ones).  I honestly didn’t know if he would make it…it’s almost hard to get my arms around the fact he’s released and back in his DC apartment with his wonderful girlfriend!  I just visited today and was able to see him in person for the first time!

I’m still in DC and will be deciding soon when to return to Plymouth.  

As I reflected on whether or not to share this experience, I recognized that what makes Plymouth great is the people. In the coming weeks and months I plan to share our stories as we navigate a new normal. We may be physically distanced but our hearts and minds needn’t be.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned.

Marilee Driscoll, (the creator of this web site and events calendar)

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