OK, I admit I am a sucker for documentaries.  They’re like the news – but more thoughtful.

So this event – being held at our main library on South St. on Saturday afternoon – is right up my alley. 

Not only will I get to see a film about Civil Rights leader Alice Tregay (titled Alice’s Ordinary People)  the filmmaker is holding a discussion.  

Filmmaker Craig Dudnick wrote about Tregay:  “… it was through her Political Education class, that Alice had her most significant impact. Over a four year period, thousands were trained to work in independent political campaigns. This new force was integral to the re-election of Ralph Metcalf to Congress (this time as an independent democrat), to the election of Harold Washington, mayor, and to making Barack Obama, our first African American President.”

Count me in!

Click here to find out more!

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