27  years ago, I was in London (alas, my only trip to Europe so far), and attended 3 plays in 2 days. Their theatre district is like our Broadway – and holds dozens of theatrical venues.

I was just thinking that Plymouth MA has become a regional hub for theatre, and other live performance (especially music).  Could one could attend a different theatrical performance each week, and still not see them all?  I’m betting yes.

Dinner theater is a special kind of event.    Don’t you agree with me that adding food and drink makes just about anything better?  Then you’ll want to check out the play Murder Most Medieval, playing at the John Carver Inn’s Dinner Theater.  If you love, it, please try not to laugh with your mouth full.  In the unlikely event that you hate it, please throw only dinner rolls to protest and keep cutlery safe.

Here’s to the actors breaking lots of legs AND to you merrily bon appetiting the night away!

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