Plymouth MA Herring run

The last couple of weeks, it seems that Plymouth, MA has awakened from Winter, and everywhere you look there’s something exciting to see and do!

There are 2 sure-fire signs of Spring:   road work/repair crews are working hard to gussy up the town for visitors, AND the herring are running!

Yup, the river herring have arrived in Town Brook.  I walk my dog along the brook several times a week, and today I took a look and saw dozens of the dedicated fish working their way upstream to spawn.  Did you know we have several fish ladders along Town Brook?  They make it possible for the fish to travel inland from Plymouth Harbor when their route is blocked by items like dams and other obstructions like The Jenny Grist Mill?  It’s quite something to see the fish power their way up the rungs.

The picture here shows a 2 fish crossing a light-colored platform designed for easy spotting.  For several weeks in April and May you may notice a person paying what looks like inordinate attention to the intake into this pond (across from Jenny Grist Mill).  They have a clicker in their hand and they are counting the fish.  I spoke to a counter today who say that last week she counted 310 fish in 10 minutes…today was much slower.

The Annual Herring Run Festival is Sat. May 6.  More information here:



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