I’d heard about this hymn sing – described as being held at a chapel in the woods.  The simple, old chapel was very easy to find, and though the address is Long Pond Road, it’s surrounded by trees and has quite a country feel.

I imagine the presiding Christian ministers have license to slightly amend the service, but the focus is clearly on the music.  Attendees literally shout out the hymn number they would like to sing next, often saying the verse numbers to be sung.  The enthusiastic and accomplished pianist accompanied the participants.  The presiding minister read a couple of beautiful poems, and a short Bible reading (or was it two).  There was a collection taken, so I’m glad I had hit the bank yesterday and had cash in my purse.

I liked it and I’m guessing you will also enjoy this very New-Englandy-feeling event.  Sunday nights through August.

[Time/address on our calendar, where you can also click through to Google maps for navigation.]

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