Spring sure is noisy!

In winter we’re quiet.  It’s dark.  Even the snow is silent – and absorbs the sounds of winter.

Then, one glorious day, after the groundhog has either seen his shadow (or not), and after the clocks are (finally) turned forward, we awaken to … SOUND!  For me, it’s the birdsong that’s the harbinger of better weather times.  I’m reminded of Rachel Carson’s watershed book “Silent Spring,” and how truly grateful I am that Springs are still the opposite of silent!

Not only are we blessed to live in an area of the country abundant with nature***, but we are also blessed to have a philharmonic orchestra here in Plymouth.  It’s none other than our beloved PHIL – The Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra.  The title of tomorrow’s concert is ‘Magnificence in Spring’.  It features pieces by Bizet and Mahler, not to mention Lili Boulanger’s “Of a Spring Morning.”

I’m sure the evening will be a reSOUNDing success.  Read more at our events calendar.  Don’t need to read more?  Buy your tickets (while they last) by clicking here.

Yes, Spring is noisy, and we wouldn’t want it any other way.


***I orchestral music isn’t your cup of tea, you can head over to the events calendar on this site to learn more about other events such as the one hosted by The Friends of Myles Standish State Forest.  They’re hosting an early evening campfire, then a walk to observe the ritual mating flight of the Timberdoodle, the American Woodcock.  The Friends description speaks for itself “The males display for the females by performing an elaborate circular flight display and then plummet to earth while making bizarre whirring sounds.”  (Can’t make THIS stuff up!)

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