What can you expect when you visit one of our live events?  Before we answer that question, I want you to know that you can see date/time/location/topic information at PlymouthPlaces.com

All events are held at Plymouth Public Library, from 2-3:30 on specific Sunday afternoons.  Each event is dedicated to one of the categories of places to visit.

You’ll want to attend to NOMINATE your favorite Plymouth Places!  So, for example, if you enjoy the outdoors and natural places in Plymouth, you’ll want to be sure to attend our March 8 event.

The events kick off at 2:00 with a short introduction by event host Marilee Driscoll, who will be up on stage with the first co-host.  Audience members are invited to join in on the nomination conversation at any time, make their nominations  – and share any stories or facts about the place – at the audience microphone.

Co-hosts will be onstage for approximately 20-25 minutes each.  The pace is fast and fun.  We want to nominate as many places as possible – AND get explanations as to the place’s location – and why people should vote for them – in the 90 minutes before the event ends.

Special invited guests will be invited up to the microphone by the co-hosts to put in their 2 cents.  The more participation, the more fun!

Co-hosts and special invited guests should come prepared with a list of 5 places to nominate.  Of course, there will be a bit of overlap…and so we will all chime in when we have something to add if one of our favorite places is nominated by someone else.

If you’re not able to attend the event, you can nominate places IN ANY of the CATEGORY online UNTIL March 15, at PlymouthPlaces.com.  Be sure to give us your email to be notified when voting starts in late March.  Voting will end April 15.

PODCAST –  The events are being audio recorded and will be distributed as a new podcast in the summer of 2020.  That’s why we ask all audience members to sign a release as they enter the event room, since your voice may appear in the podcast.  That’s also why it’s super important that you are at a microphone when you chime in about a Plymouth place!  Be sure to give us your email at PlymouthPlaces.com to be notified when the podcast debuts.

BOOK – Once voting ends, we will be producing a “100 Places to Visit in Plymouth MA” book. Be sure to give us your email at PlymouthPlaces.com to be notified when the book is available.

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