I know, I know.  That’s supposedly December, according to the very popular Holiday song! 

But that’s just wrong.  I’ve got it from reliable sources that mid-October through mid November is the most wonderful time of the year in Plymouth MA.  By now, we’ve gotten over the fact that swimming at the beach (and hundreds of Plymouth ponds) is a thing of the past.  But the golfers still have a lot of sweat-free days ahead of them before they throw in the golfer towel.

The kids are adjusted to being back at school, and there’s the consolation of Halloween – which seems to be getting more and more popular in Plymouth each  year!  Even Mother Nature has a hand in adjusting us to the fact that winter is coming.  Sunset first creeps up earlier and earlier, Then, of course, we get the knock on the side of the head that happened recently – when we turn the clocks back. The good news?  We’re forced indoors to plan for the winter. 

But it’s not yet winter!  And the obligations of Thanksgiving and Christmas – lovely though they might be – aren’t yet apparent .

Here in Plymouth MA we have several weeks in October and early November to enjoy the fall bounty that makes our town so special.  You know it’s fall in Plymouth MA when:

  • The Phil is in full swing!
  • The Spire Center’s open microphone nights resume.
  • Campgrounds close.
  • Plymouth Farmers’ Market moves inside.
  • And the temperature seesaws.  Through October there are glorious summer-like days.  As fall progresses, those days are interspersed with cloudy rainy days, perfect for taking in a movie.

Yes, this is the hap-happiest season of all in Plymouth MA!

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