It’s one thing to have an idea for an event…it’s a totally different thing to have people know about it and be motivated to attend. In other words, we all know that “Build it and they will come” MAAAAY not work 🙂

Here are 5 solid, proven steps to promote YOUR Plymouth MA event:

  1. Start with the basics: add the events to your website, your social media and your newsletter.
  2. Post your event on our calendar where people go specifically to find Plymouth events.  It’s always FREE to post your own events, and they go live immediately!  FREE in person training once a month at the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce…dates and more info. here.
  3. Eventbrite offers free promotion for free events.  If your event is not free, they will charge a percentage of the ticket price.
  4. We film and run event promos at no cost to organizations who post their events on our calendar (at  The promos run for the month before the event in between guests on The Plymouth Show.  Join our free newsletter by filling in the popup at to be notified of the once-a-month, dropin date to film your event promo!
  5. Submit your event to the Old Colony Memorial calendar!  Plymouth is blessed to have a local newspaper that publishes twice a week.  In the Saturday print edition appears DATELINE, a calendar.  In any Saturday issue, on the dateline page, are instructions on how to get your event in the calendar.

I’m passionate about this topic – and in future posts I’ll be talking about topics such as how to choose an event title, date, and location.

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