Every month we have a new episode of The Plymouth Show.   Episodes first appear on PACTV, where they run 5 times a week on local cable access for a whole month.  You can see the weekly days/times and what channel you can catch the show on (depends on who your cable provider is), at www.ThePlymoutohShow.com       We also announce show news on Facebook ( @Plymouth123 ), so follow the account to see updates.

Episodes are also entered into regional and national syndication  distributors – so other stations can run them if they like.  Just an aside, but since every state in the union has a town named Plymouth, I wonder how much confusion the title The Plymouth Show  is causing?  But I digress.

What if you don’t subscribe to cable – of what if you would like to show your out-of-state friends or relatives your interview?  We’ve got you covered!  After an episode has run for a week or two (or three!) on PACTV, we bring the interviews to be featured at Plymouth123.com – at the ‘Meet Locals’ tab in the navigation.  The interviews will appear in the featured place at the top of the page for typically 3-4 weeks.

On that page, we also have a permanent repository of interviews. So, if you’ve been a guest on The Plymouth Show, on filming day you’ll be told the month that your interview is scheduled to appear.  The best way to make sure you know when the episode is running on PACTV, and when your interview is featured on our site is to Follow us on Facebook ( @Plymouth123 ).  Alternately, we will blog about the information HERE, the BLOG on Plymouth123.com  If you want to get right to news on The Plymouth Show, you can click on that category.  Of course, you can always just go to the page to see if a particular interview is featured!

Sometime this Friday, 11/22, we’re going to update the featured interviews with those from the November episode.  In the meantime, you can still see interviews featured from last month’s episode on the page (shown in the post’s graphic!).

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