So, you’re booked to appear on The Plymouth Show (or to promote your organization’s events on the show!).  Welcome! Here’s what you need to know:

The Plymouth Show   Marilee is looking forward to interviewing you!  Your interview is our standard 7-8 minute long segment.  Guests need to arrive at PACTV on filming day at 3:30 for paperwork/interview prep/microphone/sound checks, with shoot time from  approximately 4:30 – 5:00.   Sign in at the reception desk and ask anyone you see for directions to the kitchen – the crew will be there at 3:30, and in the adjoining Studio B.

Events to be promoted on The Plymouth Show   Once a month we hold a taping specifically for events.  Locations and tips for preparing are the same – refer to your email for time and help determining which events to discuss.

Studio address: PACTV, 4 Collins Ave., Plymouth, MA 02360 

PAC-TV’s phone is (508) 830-6999. If you need to reach us on a filming day, you can call them while The Plymouth Show crew is there and ask to speak to Community Producer Marilee Driscoll, in Studio B.

Some tips for preparing:

  1. Aim for seasonless dress, since we’ll be promoting/replaying your appearance likely at different times of year.  Take your cue from anchors that you see on television!
  2. Simple, solid fabrics work best (are less likely to ‘vibrate’ on screen – you’ll notice most news anchors wear solid colors)
  3. Avoid loud jangly jewelry
  4. If you wear makeup, please arrive with your face made up – we can usually provide touch-up services as needed 
  5. Most women benefit from wearing a darker lip shade than usual – the camera/lights can wash out lip color
  6. We always apply shine-minimizing powder to EVERY GUEST (men – yes! you too!), and may add some hair spray to help with those pesky flyaway hairs.
  7. The camera loves layers (i.e. a jacket). You don’t have to wear layers, but they can be very nice visually
  8. We will be clipping on a microphone for our audio. Lapels or V-necks make the process faster and easier (again, if your favorite shirt is a scoop neck, don’t worry – we will compensate).
  9. Wear what makes you feel good – this will be a pleasant experience, and the better you feel, the better it’s going to be!
  10. Feel free to bring a colleague or other person along. We have limited space in studio, but 1-2 observers can be accommodated.

Bring a prop if you have one (or two)!   If there’s a visually interesting prop, bring that!  As examples, Plymouth400 brought a large version of their license plate, which was fun, a boy scout growing food for the food bank brought in a plant and bags of veggies, and a restaurant brought a bottle of their new wine!

Thanks again, and we look forward to welcoming you on set!

The Plymouth Show is presented in collaboration with The Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and Things to Do in Plymouth MA.   

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